Weekly Non-Fiction Reading List 4.12.21

The Elements of Investing: Easy Lessons for Every Investor by Burton Malkiel and Charles Ellis

Breaking the Social Media Prism: How to Make Our Platforms Less Polarizing by Chris Bail

Insight: The Surprising Truth About How Others See Us, How We See Ourselves, and Why the Answers Matter More Than We Think by Tasha Eurich

Mastering the Basics of Blockchain: The Only Guide You’ll Need to Understand How Bitcoin (BTC) Technology and Other Cryptocurrencies Will Dominate the 21st Century: For Everyone Including Beginners by Zackary Huff

Ethereum: Complete Guide to Understanding Ethereum, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, ICOs, and Decentralized Apps. Includes guides on buying Ether, Cryptocurrencies and Investing in ICOs by Mark Gates

Ethereum by Edward A. Harrod

The Quick Fix: Why Fad Psychology Can’t Cure Our Social Ills by Jesse Singal

Brain Blunders: Uncover Everyday Illusions and Fallacies, Defeat Your Flawed Thinking Habits, And Think Smarter (Or Just Less Stupidly) (Understand Your Brain Better Book 1) by Peter Hollins

Artificial Unintelligence: How Computers Misunderstand the World (The MIT Press) by Meredith Broussard

The Index Revolution: Why Investors Should Join It Now by Charles D. Ellis



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The Rewired Soul

The Rewired Soul


Psychology/mental health/philosophy. Stay up to date by following me here & on Twitter/Instagram @TheRewiredSoul. Books available at www.TheRewiredSoul.com/shop