Trump vs. Saturday Night Live: Who is Dumber?

The Rewired Soul
7 min readOct 4, 2020

Nothing will ever keep me as fascinated as analyzing human behavior and the irrationality of how our minds work. All of us regularly bicker with one another about the terrible decisions we make, and it’s especially clear through the divided party lines. But today, I thought there’d be no better example of human irrationality and our brain flaws than to compare and contrast Donald Trump’s Super Spreader event with the premiere of Saturday Night Life.

It’s been a hectic week, and there’s almost too much to keep track of. The week started with the New York Times piece about Donald Trump’s tax returns, which showed he only paid $750 in income taxes, and days later we had the first presidential debate. Days after the debate, we found out that Donald Trump contracted COVID, and now we’re seeing the news that multiple republicans also contracted COVID while at what’s being called the Rose Garden Massacre.

Meanwhile, Saturday Night Live returned, and during the opening debate sketch, I was curious where the laughter was coming from. Surely, in the middle of the pandemic, they didn’t return to having a live studio audience, right? Well, during this sketch, while making fun of Republicans, their denial of science, and not taking COVID seriously, they were doing all of this in front of a live studio audience.

When looking at these two events as objectively as possible, it’s extremely confusing as to how the liberal-leaning SNL cast and crew can justify what they’re doing while simultaneously making fun of conservatives for the same thing.

Why is the republican party dumb for attending all of these events and Trump rallies, but SNL as well as many other celebrities are regularly getting together in large gatherings?

Throughout the week, there have been plenty of other examples of celebrities endorsing COVID safety while simultaneously breaking the guidelines. One example was Noah Cyrus making an Instagram post telling people to “just wear the damn masks”, and 8 hours later, she was at a Diplo show.

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